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A hyperlink, or hypertext link, or web link, or simply link, is a reference in a hypertext system to automatically switch between a document and a linked document. Hyperlinks are used in the World Wide Web to switch between web pages with a click.

In order to facilitate the navigation between web pages, the HTML language offers us the possibility to create what we call hyperlinks: Continuer la lecture

The state of HTML then corresponds to what one could call HTML 1.0. There is, however, no specification bearing this name, in particular because the language was then in full evolution. However, a standardization effort was under way5. As of late 1993, the term HTML + is used to designate the future version of HTML

1 – The main HTML tags for formatting a text

HTML is endowed with many tags to act on the formatting of a text, we will only cite here the most used tags:
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The HyperText Markup Language, usually abbreviated HTML, is the data format designed to represent web pages. It is a markup language used to write hypertext, hence its name. HTML also allows for semantic structuring and formatting of page content, including multimedia resources including images, input forms, and computer programs.

1 – The tags of an HTML document

Starting and Ending HTML  Document Commands

 Document Header:  Information Not Displayed
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HTML is one of the three inventions that make up the World Wide Web, with Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and web addresses. HTML was invented to allow the writing of hypertext documents linking different Internet resources with hyperlinks. Today, these documents are called "web page". In August 1991, when Tim Berners-Lee publicly advertised the web on Usenet, he only quoted the SGML language, but gave the URL of a .html suffix document.

1 – Introduction

HTML is the acronym for hypertext Markup language: language used to encode text files for use on hypertext systems (technique creating links between data of different types such as text ↔ image, text ↔ multimedia file. To create a web page, in the beginning the webmasters used two programs, in one they typed the HTML in the other they visualized the page. Certainly what they typed as HTML did not correspond to what they obtained Like animated text, command buttons … Today, thanks to the appearance of WYSIYG software (what you see is what you get), creating a web page is as simple as creating a text document. a the most widely used WYSIWYG software is  Dreamwever, Nvu, FrontPage, FrontPage Express,… Continuer la lecture

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