Automata Theory and Languages - Mirian

  Introduction to Automata Theory Automata theory : the study of abstract computing devices, or ”machines” Before computers (1930), A. Turing studied an abstract machine (Turing machine) that had all the capabilities of today’ s computers (concerning what they could compute). His goal was to describe precisely the boundary between whata computing machine could do…

Formal Languages, Grammars, and Automa - Alessandro Aldini

Outline 1-Introduction Linguistics and formal languages Computer science and formal languages Generative vs. recognition 2-Formal languages 3-Grammars Chomsky hierarchy 4-Finite-state automata Deterministic  nite-state automata Extensions of DFA FA and linear grammars 5-Regular expressions 6-Context-free languages and pushdown automata 7-References Source :

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