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A hyperlink, or hypertext link, or web link, or simply link, is a reference in a hypertext system to automatically switch between a document and a linked document. Hyperlinks are used in the World Wide Web to switch between web pages with a click.

In order to facilitate the navigation between web pages, the HTML language offers us the possibility to create what we call hyperlinks:

1 - Link to an URL

Any  hyperlink is defined by the tags :

<a href =" ... "> and </a>

So the hyperlink syntax becomes :

<a href=" URL  adress"> ... </a>

Example :  external link to Yahoo:

<a href="http://www.yahoo.fr"> Click here to visit  Yahoo </a>

What displays in  browser:

Click here to visit  Yahoo

We want sometimes to put a tooltip on the link to provide information on the page of the link, for this we use the command :

title =  "text of the tooltip"
<a title="This is a link to the Yahoo site" href="http://www.yahoo.fr"> Click here to visit Yahoo 



2 - Link to a file

HTML offers us also the possibility to create link to a file. The Html code of the link to a file is of the form:

<a href="filename.extension"> ... </a>

Note: File name is the path of the file with its extension .txt, .doc, .html ,. Pdf, ...

3 - Link to mailbox E mail

The syntax of a hyperlink to an email box is as follows:

<a href="mailto:your email address ?"> Contact </a>

Example: (link to Email address webmaster@tresfacile.net)

<a href="mailto:webmaster@tresfacile.net"> Write to the webmaster </a>

4 - Link in the same page

Sometimes you want to create a hyperlink from one text to another in the same page, such as a page top, a footer, or something that looks like ... To achieve this,
Put the mouse pointer at the place where you want to reach, for example top of page, then Insert the markup :

<a name="name"> your text here (you can also leave it empty ) </a>

Then enter the markup:

<a href="name"> top of page </a>

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